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Frequently Asked Questions

The methods below are much more difficult and less reliable than buying an upgrade

8.3 & 8.4 GeoClock CD

1 Install CD (setup32g.exe)
2 In options, select Full and change install to to C:\geoclock
3 Click Install
4 Insert Key when prompted (16 letter code on CD label)
5 Click Use Code
6 On Start Initial configuration prompt, click Cancel
7 Download from, and unZIP it into the directory where you just installed GeoClock. This will overwrite some files.
8 Run geockw32.exe. Click Register, enter your 16 letter GeoClock Key into the registration number box, and click Validate.
9 Create a shortcut to geockw32.exe.

8.2 and older GeoClock CD
1 Make a directory for GeoClock c:\geoclock
2 Copy all the files in to GEOCD directory of the CD to that directory you just created
3 Download from, and unZIP it into the directory where you just copied the CD files.
4 Run geockw32.exe. Click Register, enter your 16 letter GeoClock Key into the registration number box, and click Validate. (If you do not have a 16 letter GeoClock Key, email us your registation number, name, and shipping address you used when you first purchased geoclock, and we will email your geoclock key to you.)
5 Create a shortcut to geockw32.exe.

Shareware is a way of marketing software. You can download and evaluate the softwarebefore deciding whether to buy.

It is neither free nor Public Domain.

After evaluation you must eitherdelete or register the software. You can register GeoClock on this site. With registration you not only fullfill your obligations, but you get many more maps, display of local time next to thecities on the maps, and elimination of the reminder screen.

We are experimenting with allowing customers to pay with PayPal. Inorder to ensure that you do not get charged for an invalid order, weallow you to send an order without a credit card but with a request for PayPal. We will check the order and then Paypal will send an invoiceyou with payment instructions. After payment is received we will mail the product or email download instructions.Please let us know what you think about this process.

All major functions work! (2009/08/11) High confidence now

There are still some mysterious stops, the sort of things it took YEARS to track down under Win16. There is also a rare and mysteriousbug (23 below) apparently related to fill that I just cannot make progress on -it is not repeatable! (Maybe solved 2010/01/26.) Oh well, maybe this is a good as it gets for now!?

Under Vista you must run geockw32 as administrator when you first setup or modify the screen saver

This seems to run on Vista 64 (so far).(2008/11/20)

PROGRESS!! 2009/01/29 Found memory size allocation problemin map load/resize code. Seems to solve mouse zoom problems, butthe errors should have been MUCH more serious.

2009/08/11 - Some windows destroy themselves after first use. This wasnot a problem under Win16 because memory limitation caused me to usea different invocation method that recreated the window before EACH use.

2009/10/31. I am not satisfied with the current state of geockw32.exe. Thereare still many mysterious errors, that seem to depend on exactly howthe computer is configured. It always starts fine, and displays simplemaps, but polar and ortho maps sometimes produce errors on the screen,and dragging the window borders sometimes produces GPFs. We alsolack serious testing by experienced users (many of the errors reported arebecause the tester did not bother to read or follow the instructions). As I said before, it is hard to stay motivated

0 Task complete problems
1 Clean Compile 2008/07/08 pointers, inline, 16 bit asm, data sizes
2 initialize 2008/07/13 GPF after initialize but before program start, must preserve esi and edi
3 Spinning Globe 2008/07/21 absolute, shortint <> smallint
4 access violation
on activation
2008/07/24 incorrect stack handling in CRC routine
5 character display 2008/07/26 small font OK, large font numbers OK, letters not
word vs integer and coincidence made the problem hard to isolate
6 Date/Time wrong 2008/07/27 change to Delphi now function
7 GPF on shutdown 2010-01-18
declared fixed
Have not seen in a while - maybe solved by (12)
8 8-15 sec delay on some menus
lose sunlight&city
2008/11/15 Interruption control on 16 bit versiondoes not work on 32 bit version,
eliminated function as not necessary with current HW speeds
9 sunlight on spinning
globe distorted
2008/09/09 16/32 integer sign extension/truncation
10 sunlight on polar, VFS, and eqaz 2009/01/04 Converted fill16 rather than fill32
11 Distance function 2008/10/01 Delphi4 defective OnMouseMove handling
Handle WM_MOUSEMOVE myself
12 GPF sometimes on mouse zoom 2009/01/29? resize map buffer allocation size error
why wasn't this problem more manifest?)
13 Program closes for no
obvious reason
declared fixed
no clue! Have not seen in a while (maybe solved by (12)) fixed!
14 Shift-Right Click 2009/01/30 Changes to old Delphi code instead of asm.
Should have converted asm
15 Shift-Left Click 2009/05/21 Centered VFS map, clear reg by and rather than mov 0
Do not use absolute for trivial performance improvement
16 HLP not supported 2010/01/18
Delphi only supports HLP, Microsoft orphaned HLP and will orphan CHM.
Vista and Win7 can download HLP support, do not change from HLP.
17 minimize/resize problems 2009/04/10 Eliminate timer function on when resizing
18 Screen Saver 2009/04/30 New name: geosvrwin32; must run as administrator under Vista
19 Test Maps 2009/03/04 Forgot toconvert 16 bit asm!
20 HAM CD detect 2009/07/07 Sometimes the simpleminded way works fine
21 Sometimes GeoClock
will not close
2009/08/11 About Box destroys itself after first viewing
22 Startup errors on
incorrect installation
2009/08/21 Form creation order changed on 32 bit
23a white lines on some maps and times 2010/01/20 Got the line problem - incorrect mixing of 16 and 32 bit address calculations
23b white blocks on some maps and times 2010/01/26
Found an error in fill (corrects the one reproducible case) caused by uncleared eax when the code follows a rare (and data dependent) path
24 Gazetteer puts southern hemisphere
cities at North Pole
2009/11/16 word autoconverts to 32 signed integer
25 Options menu produces GPF 2009/11/16 tricky address calculation

We have a 64 bit version of Windows 7 up and running on a developmentmachine.

geockw32.exe seems to run fine on Win7/64 with a few exceptions

1. The close window and double escape do not work, requireing you to kill the program with Task Manager. This problem was solved by a windows update.

2. Screen saver does not work. This is a win7 "improvement". Even "Flying Windows" no longer works.

3. Wallpaper no longer works. This "improvement" was introduced in XP. A good replacement is "EarthDesk".

A few observations:

1) The 64 bit version of Win7 is installed by default. The 64 bitcompatible version GeoClock is still being tested, and the current (8.4d)version of GeoClock will not even load under a 64 bit OS.

2) Win 7 (like Vista) does not by default include the winhlp32 engineGeoClock (and many other programs) require. You can download it frommicrosoft, but they prohibit us from making it simple. It is sometrouble but seems to work.

3) Resizing by dragging the window borders does not seem to work,although the resizing with the "window controls" menu does work.

4) Except for these problems, the limited testing by experienced users (including me) has been positive.

So far, we have only one report of GeoClock under Wine (for Linux) - properly configured it works OK. However, the program must be run ona 32 bit version of Windows - it will not run on a 64 bit version. Also, the program group may not be set up properly while being installed, so you may have to manually create shortcuts to GeoClock.

Contrary to popular belief, London time is not the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). GMT is an astronomical time originally determined at the Greenwich Observatory (just east of London) and was intended as the basis of determining longitude by time. The Observatory has the zero meridian (longitude 0) going through it (at least it used to, before GPS made more accurate determination possible). The world time standard is now maintained by SI in Paris, though within less than a second is it is the same as GMT. GMT does not vary by summer and winter times, and it follows the AVERAGE sun position. Like many places, London has summer time (daylight savings time). Its time is the same as GMT in the winter, but in the summer it uses British Summer Time, which is GMT plus one hour. Places that are on GMT all the time include Antarctica, Iceland, and several countries in central and Northern west Africa.

On April2, 2006, Indiana will finally join the 20th century (about 80 years late!). The whole state will begin to use summertime (previously, only 13 counties in the northwest, southwest, and southeast did), and 8 counties will switch from eastern to central time. The INDIANA.ZIP file has all the changes to GeoClock data bases required for this change. A new GEOCKWIN.EXE has been issued which reflects the changes from eastern to central time whenusing zipcodes for adding cities.9 more counties wanted to change to central, but the request was deniedby the US Department of Transportation. There may be more changeslater .

Washington Post article and map

blog tothe current status and map.

In the past few days (2004/09/20) several users have reported an error message:"16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem path to the program you are trying to run C:\%SYSTEM%\system32\autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications."
This has been traced to a missing or damaged AUTOEXEC.NT file (which is usedby WinME and later to run legacy windows applications). The Help and Supportsystem in the OS tells you how to repair this file. My guess is this is causedby a virus, since several anti-virus programs, including Norton (Symantec),use this file in their installation, and one common virus behaviour is to interfere with Anti-Virus programs.
There is some evidence that there are some adware programs that are deletingAUTOEXEC.NT. Be sure you scan for and remove these programs, or the problem willreoccur the next time you reboot.

If you cannot correct this problem by following the windows help, here are some SUGGESTIONS:
Find a backup copy of AUTOEXEC.NT . Just search for the file - it is frequently in the repair or I386 folder.COPY the backup copy to the system directory
By default this is C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me), C:\Winnt\System32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP).
If you don't have a copy of AUTOEXEC.NT, try this one:

@echo off
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

This works on my XP, but who knows if it will work on yours.

IMPORTANT: you must find and remove the spyware or adwarethat is deleting AUTOEXEC.NT, or the problem will continue to occur. Most virus checkers do not do anything about spyware or adware. Try ad-aware ( )

If you are registered, you have received diskettes or a CD or specificinstructions for download, from us . If you never ordered GeoClock andhave only a shareware version, you are not registered.

The registration number is printed on the program (#1) diskette, and onthe cardboard sleve for the CD. If you have a registered windows versionrunning, click Help, then About, then Info, and the registration number will appear in the list of data in the window.

For newer versions, you should have a GEOCLOCK.KEY file (between 8 and 512 bytes). If you email this to us, we can determine the registrationnumber. Similarly, older versions will have a REGISTER.EXE file (about3000 bytes) from which we can determine the registration number.

Finally, we can usually determine the registration number from the nameand address you used when you first ordered GeoClock.

The simplest way is to reinstall the software from the origonal media (CD, diskette, or downloaded file).
If you no longer have access tothe original media,or wish to preserve all the customization youhave made to GeoClock, you can copy the necessary files from one computer to the other. Usually all these files are located in C:\GEOCLOCK, unlessyou selected a different folder when you installed it. At any rate, copy all the files to a folder on the new computer. You will have to setup the screen saver again (if you want). Start GeoClock, then click Files and Setup Screen Saver. If desired, you can make new shortcuts to the GEOCKWIN.EXE file.

Yes. If you register online, you will receive instructions fordownloading the registered basic version of GeoClock (about 1.9MB), or the GeoClock-Pro (about 14 MB).

Both versions require downloading and running an install program,and entering a registration code sent via e-mail

You can download the your purchased HAM package by following the instructions in the e-mail. It requires downloading and executing onefile, retrieving another ZIP file attached to an e-mail, the then unZIPping the file over your installed GeoClock.